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Lochaber Geopark Busy Month Ahead

5th October 2017

Lochaber Geopark Busy Month Ahead

Lochaber Geopark were delighted to host a talk in the visitor centre on “A World Made of Crystals” for European Minerals Day, where Professor Ian Parsons introduced the wonderful world of minerals, exploring the reasons for their great variety and explaining how they contribute to our lives for every minute of every day. A wide range of minerals were on display and the opportunity for attendees to view rock-thin sections through a microscope.

In addition Lochaber Geopark are excited to be a part of Scotland’s first Geoheritage Festival. We’re on a mission to get everyone out exploring Scotland’s incredible geological heritage this October! The first ever national Geoheritage Festival will run nationwide from 1st to 31st October 2017, with a wide range of family events, guided walks and talks across Scotland. Tying in with the Scottish Geodiversity Forum’s latest project, highlighting the 51 Best Places to see Scotland’s Geology, the festival will take in many of our most famous and unique geological sites as well as hidden gems that you never knew existed. Events happening in Lochaber are detailed below:

51 Best Places to see Scotland’s Geology: Isle of Eigg
Monday 2nd October
The Isle of Eigg is largely built of lavas, crowned by An Sgurr, a spectacular pitchstone ridge. With 4 hours on Eigg, we’ll walk as far as time and weather allow to the Sgurr, seeing Jurrassic sediments, flood basalt lava flows and columnar jointing patterns.
Moderate fitness required. Please bring a packed lunch, stout footwear, waterproofs, cameras, binoculars, walking poles if desired.
£10, ferry not included.

51 Best Places to see Scotland’s Geology: the Parallel Roads of Glenroy
Half-day excursions on 7th and 8th October
Lochaber is famous for the mysterious parallel lines that can be traced along the sides of Glen Gloy, Glen Roy and Glen Spean – the Parallel Roads. Before geologists unravelled the story of ice ages in Scotland, many people believed that the lines were roads built by the ancient kings of Scotland. It was only in the 19th century that the first theories about glaciers were put forward. We now know that these ‘roads’ are in fact shorelines created by ice-dammed lakes. The best examples of the ‘parallel roads’ are found in Glen Roy.
These tours include a tasty light lunch at Darwin’s Rest Café and Craft shop in Roybridge followed by an excursion to Glen Roy to discuss and view The Parallel Roads.
£12, lunch included

51 Best Places to see Scotland’s Geology: Glencoe
Monday 9th October
Glencoe is a striking and dramatic glen which contrasts starkly with the flat and desolate Rannoch Moor immediately to the east. The deep glen with its high mountain peaks and ridges on either side shows clear evidence of recent sculpting by glaciers. What is perhaps not so well known is that the road through the glen also cuts through an ancient volcano.
We’ll make multiple stops in Glencoe with short walking distances to see fault intrusion rocks, the caldera fault line, andesite and rhyolite lava flows.
Moderate fitness required. Please bring a packed lunch, stout footwear, waterproofs, cameras, binoculars, walking poles if desired.

Rocks and minerals of Lochaber
Monday 16th October, 7.30pm
The District of Lochaber is home to an exceptional variety of different types of rock, with a range of ages stretching back three-billion years. This talk will illustrate how the appearance of the rocks depends on the minerals they contain, and explain how their history can be worked out from the minerals. A range of Lochaber rocks and important minerals will be on display, together with polarizing microscopes and rock thin sections. Feel free to bring your own specimens to be identified by an expert.

Geopark Fun Day
20th Oct
Join Lochaber Geopark and John Muir Trust for a fun day of geology themed activities, with new and improved activities since our last kid’s day. Learn about how the mountain building, fire and ice shaped the landscape, with exploding volcanoes, ancient fossils and freezing glaciers.
Suitable for children aged 6+ (Parent/Guardian required to accompany)
This is a free event put on for Scotland’s Geoheritage Festival

Geology Workshop to Glen Nevis with Noel Williams
21st Oct
The day will be led by Noel Williams of Lochaber Geopark. A moderately strenuous outing in Glen Nevis which starts at the Roaring Mill and visits a number of localities fairly close to the road as we journey up Glen Nevis. It finishes by walking through the Nevis Gorge and making an ascent of Meall Cumhann (698m) – a hill overlooking the Nevis Gorge – from Old Steall. The itinerary will be shortened if the weather is poor.
Moderate fitness required. Please wear stout footwear and bring normal hillwalking gear and a packed lunch.
*This event is an accredited Mountain Training association event offering members CPD points. If a member please bring your membership card. *
Organised by the Nevis Landscape Partnership
Sign up through their events page @

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