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Room 13 Announcement

1st December 2017

Room 13 Sabbatical Leave Announcement


Announcement from Clair Gibb, Chief Executive:

”From January 2018 for approximately 6 months I will be taking a period of sabbatical leave.

Over the next couple of months I will continue to work with current contacts to complete projects and fulfil any outstanding commitments. Beyond that, from January 2018 I won’t be available to respond to any requests or opportunities concerning Room 13 International organisation, our studios, projects or developments.

The Room 13 studios in Caol and elsewhere in the world will continue to run as normal, under the direction of their studio management teams and Artists in Residence.

Members of the Board will assist Room 13 International’s Administrator Fiona Macdonald in the day to day running of the charity.

It’s been a non-stop 17 years since I first got involved with Room 13, and 10 years since I was put into a position of responsibility for the charitable organisation. I’m looking forward to taking a back seat for while, and I hope this will allow new people to emerge as leaders and caretakers.

Many of you will be aware Room 13 International is hugely under-resourced as an organisation. Unfortunately this means that during my absence there will be no direct replacement, and certain areas of our work will necessarily be put on hold. Thank you for your patience as our team assume a role of collective responsibility and develop the future strategy and funding needed to grow the organisation.

I look forward to being part of this process when I return later in the year.

Thanks and best wishes,


Claire Gibb
Chief Executive”
Visit the Room 13 website here to learn more about the organisation and support them.


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