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EAP Programme from Lochaber Hope

4th December 2018

The Importance of good mental health

What can employers do to help support their staff and how Lochaber Hope can help?

Lochaber Hope are now offering an Employment Assisted Programme to assist employers in supporting their staff.

What can employers do, and how can Lochaber Hope help?

  • EAP, Employment Assisted Programme
  • Mediation
  • Challenging Behaviour Training
  • Effective listening, Assertiveness in the workplace, maximising potential
  • Senior staff or supervisor mentor training
  • Working together learning together workshops
  • Fair Start Scotland – recruiting

In this climate EAPs help individuals, managers and organisations to:

  • Cope with work-related and personal problems and challenges that impact on performance at work
  • Improve productivity and workplace efficiency
  • Decrease work-related accidents
  • Lessen absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Promote workplace co-operation
  • Manage the risk of unexpected events
  • Position the organisation as a caring employer
  • Recruit and retain staff
  • Reduce grievances
  • Assist in addiction problems
  • Improve staff morale and motivation
  • Provide a management tool for performance analysis and improvement
  • Demonstrate a caring attitude to employees
  • Assist line managers in identifying and resolving staff problems

In short, Face to Face EAPs represent a proven, cost-effective solution to many of the people problems employers face today. The UK EAPA recommends all organisations to consider seriously how a relevant form of EAP can be introduced into their organisation.

Lochaber Hope will be happy to meet with any employer to discuss our local service.

01397 704836

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