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ADVENT Module Piloting November 2018

10th January 2019

A week piloting the second ADVENT module

The ADVENT (Adventure Tourism Vocational Education and Training) project headed to Kuusamo, Finland to pilot test the second module; Local Knowledge.

Ian MacLeod of Wild West Safaris participated in the piloting of this module during November 2018 alongside participants from Scotland, Iceland, and Finland. This is the second of nine modules for the ADVENT project to be piloted.

Led by Iceland, with partners in Finland and Scotland (Lochaber Chamber of Commerce and The Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research UHI), the main objective of the project is to develop innovative initiatives in adventure tourism education.

About the module

Three businesses from Scotland, one of which was Chamber member Wild West Safaris, participated in the ‘Local Knowledge’ module in Kuusamo, Finland. The module addressed local nature, history, culture and local life in the area in conjunction with tourist destinations. The elements discussed are transferable to regions in each country and beyond. The module was developed by local businesses and Kainuu Vocational college and involved a blend of classroom-based and workshop activities, as well an exploration of the local area.

Local knowledge is the second of nine modules to be created and pilot tested. To read about the fist module, Adventure Therapy, read the post here. These modules have been created with the adventure tourism business in mind, and the aim is to create vocational courses that can be used by businesses and students alike. To see the proposed list of modules, see here.

How can this be used further?

As with the first module, feedback surveys and in-depth interviews will be conducted to evaluate the course. The purpose of the module is to encourage knowledge and interpretations of local areas for businesses to incorporate into their offerings. Although based in Finland, the learning techniques and information transfer skills the course centred on can be adapted and transferred to any environment.

The ADVENT project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme. To find out more about the project visit the project page HERE.

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