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Expansion and investment plans from blas

10th January 2019

blas announce their future expansion and investment plans and reflect on the past year

Phase 1

Phase 1 was the opening of blas and giving a home to its own Lochaber Gin, distilled under contract at Glenshee Distillery. blas has achieved a successful opening season, with great feedback, 5 star reviews, a Michelin plate award, and most importantly fully booked tables most nights over the summer. blas has concentrated on providing customers with dishes made from quality, locally sourced produce, that are packed with flavour, with the aim of creating a destination restaurant. With this well under way the restaurant is now, depending on funding, looking to move onto Phase 2. 

Phase 2

The restaurant’s vision is to continue to provide customers with a great dining experience, while developing their own range of quality craft beer. The beer will be brewed and marketed to match all kinds of quality food. Ideally brewed onsite on a small scale at blas, work is almost complete on their pilot brewery. They have also enlisted other local breweries to help produce the beers created in larger quantities.

It can be tricky to match wine with food, but beer can be even more of a minefield.

We aim to make it easy for both businesses and consumers to match beer and food using effective branding, marketing and clear food matching information.

Along side this blas will be extending its opening days and hour to satisfy demand. We recently installed an online booking system which is already having a significant impact on future bookings with spring and summer booking coming in daily. The system has also has a waiting list facility which will be invaluable over the summer months. 

There’s lots of competition from other beers out there, but very few specifically designed and marketed to match food.

Our customers cover a wide spectrum, starting with our local market of regular retail customers, but also including national and international tourism retail customers. Phase 2 will add local and national business customers.

There is undoubtedly a demand for the current offering at blas, and the addition of blas craft beer will help increase profitability in the restaurant. The restaurant will also offer local, and gradually national restaurants and other food outlets, the opportunity to maximise their craft beer revenue in a much easier way. Offering beer and food matching on a menu, or having staff on had to give advice, is good business. Not only will it enhance the experience for customers, but it can make the decision of the customer easier and moves them away from a typical choice. Many customers gravitate to what they know, that’s often a standard mass produced beer. Highlighting great pairings can guide customers to products that are more profitable to a business. However, it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s where the blas range of craft beers can simplify the process.

Phase 3?

Well that’s under wraps at the moment but anyone interested in investing in our future can find out more!


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