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Lochaber Hope Panto Success

10th January 2019

Great success and reception for Lochaber Hope Panto ‘A Little Hope’

Lochaber Hope received rave reviews for their first pantomime production. They offered a chance to showcase local talent and bring awareness to local issues.

Lochaber High School Big Band kicked off the whole weekend of productions, giving a sterling performance and starting a sequence of successful acts.

For the first time ever, Lochaber Hope provided an opportunity to raise awareness of the third sector work going on in the Lochaber community. Alyson Smith, Esme Leitch, and Stephanie McKenna together wrote, produced, and directed ‘A Little Hope’

Act 1 showcased local talent, with different acts on stage at each showing. These acts, each in their own genre, portrayed some of the most sensitive and confidential issues we face as a community in Lochaber, with Tina MacLugish, ‘Lochaber’s Lost Voice Girl’ being among the very talented acts.

Act 2, ‘A Little Hope’ A Cinderella themed panto, from adversity to success:

Baroness Hardup and her two daughters, Huffy and Puffy unmotivated and uninspired, manage to get tickets to the third sector ball from Simon at Nevis Radio. Cinders gets to go too with the help from her fairy godmother. As the story develops with lots of ‘she’s behind you’ and ‘oh yes she is’ the prince can’t find the love of his life. He goes to Voluntary Action Lochaber to get the guest list, but can’t due to GDPR, so he has to go round the organisations to try to find her.

The twist in this tale though is that it’s actually the baroness, to her heart fluttering delight, that the prince falls for. He finds her in the Zumba class where, at last, Buttons is able to propose to his true love Cinderella. Even Huffy and Puffy have become inspired and motivated young ladies with new jobs and are pleased for their Mother and Step Sister.

The added benefits were that some of the cast had never performed before and this was a truly magical story for real life people back stage, front of house and on stage who pushed themselves outside their comfort zone and became stars. This will never leave them, Lochaber Hope, you do give Hope…..  What are you planning for 2019?

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