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Rugged Paddleboard

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With Rugged Paddleboard you will learn to paddle in a safe progressive way from the Lochan Experiences through to The Grand Tour on Loch Leven and beyond. We love nothing more than sharing the beauty of Glencoe and the surrounding are with you!

This summer there has been new way to explore and discover the lochs and sea lochs around Glencoe. Stand Up Paddleboarding combines canoeing and surfing in a way that is an incredibly relaxing, rewarding and importantly achievable for all ages and abilities. The feeling is of walking on water and after only a few minutes you feel miles away from it all.

Paddleboarding is not a new sport, for thousands of year people have been standing up on logs and canoes to travel on flat waters and rivers. Thankfully the modern boards originating from Hawaii are highly stable making it an incredible way to journey and see the sites for all athletic abilities. Having the balance of a ballerina is not required!

Rugged Paddleboard setup by Rob and Keren of Signal Rock Cottages is their venture setting out to get as many people on the water as possible. Focused on making the sport as accessible and achievable they offer beginner sessions on one of the three lochs in Glencoe, (Torren Lochan, Glencoe Lochan and  Loch Achtriochtan). Each has its own incredible backdrop and orientation to create sheltered spots perfect for learning and relaxing on often mirror like water. For those looking for a longer experience they also run sessions on Loch Leven where you learn learn to paddle and explore the dramatic islands, wildlife and history of the area.


Here’s what one of their customers had to say about her first time paddleboarding this summer

I was very nervous as I put on the wetsuit, being an unfit 50+, but I was determined to have a go. Both Rob and Keren were patient and encouraging…

Not only did I manage to get my balance on my knees, but with gentle and clear instruction I manage to stand and paddle effectively. It was amazing! I am very proud of myself, and urge all those that think it’s too late to learn new tricks, to think again, have ago.


Open Seasonally April – October

Daily Lessons, Tours and Rentals starting at £15/£25 child/adult

01855 604 044

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