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Woodland Trust Scotland

Third Sector

Woodland Trust Scotland is part of the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. We strive to protect native woodland, encourage others to create new woods by planting trees and restore ancient woodland where possible. We own and care for over 10,000 hectares of woodland at more than 60 sites across Scotland.

In partnership with Lochaber community group Arkaig Community Forest, we recently acquired over 1,000 hectares of pine forest on the south shore of Loch Arkaig.

Loch Arkaig pine forest is one of the most important fragments of Caledonian pinewood remaining in Scotland. But it’s degraded – a result of felling, the planting of non-native species and decades of over grazing. Our goal is to work with the local community to restore this rare habitat to its former glory and preserve it for future generations. It’ll take many decades. But we’ve already made a good start.

Thanks to the support and innovation of many local people and businesses, in 2017 we were able to bring live coverage of an Arkaig osprey nest direct to the homes of wildlife watchers around the UK. Thanks to the support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery, this continues for 2018.

Watch the Arkaig ospreycam live and catch up with the antics of our resident family Louis & Aila.

Even better, share it with your guests, colleagues and customers!




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